Raw chocolate cake

I’ve always wanted to eat raw cakes but I’ve never tried ‘till now. It was so delicious.. can’t wait to make it again!! This recipe is for one 16cm cake pan, but feel free to double the recipe for a bigger pan. I use ground almonds and dates for the base. Dates are cholesterol-free and containsSigue leyendo “Raw chocolate cake”

Vegan macarons

Instead of eggs, you can use aquafaba, the cooking liquid of beans and other legumes like chickpeas. Aquafaba from a can is rich in protein but contains a lot of water. You should reduce it the night before you want to make the macarons, spanish below Ingredients 150 ml aquafaba 100 g sugar 100 g ground almondsSigue leyendo “Vegan macarons”

Oreo brownie

Oreos are vegan. If you read the cookie’s ingredients, you won’t see any dairy or other animal products listed, however, oreos  have “cross contact” with milk. That means that small amounts of milk (that was used in other products in the same room) may have come into contact with either the cookies or the equipment used to makeSigue leyendo “Oreo brownie”